Küssnachter Klausjagen:


Hardly anything is as important in Küssnacht as the annual Klausjagen. At 8:15 p.m. sharp on December 5, the tremendous bang of a firecracker ends the conversations of the waiting Klausjäger. The lights go out, a cry of jubilation makes itself heard. Along the darkened streets, up to 30,000 spectators wait for the procession, which offers them one of the highlights right after the Geisselklepfer: the far more than 200 to over 2.5 meter tall Iffele with their artfully punched figures and ornaments, which again and again cause spontaneous applause. This is followed by Santa Claus, accompanied by his Schmutzli and illuminated by torchbearers, and finally the music with the eerily beautiful triad and about a thousand Trichler. The end of the mystical procession is formed by the horns with their eerie call, which is always the same. Every year, more than 1500 men take part in the traditional Küssnacht Klaus procession, probably the most impressive and famous of its kind.


Date: Main parade, December 5, 20:15. If this day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the custom is lived on the preceding Friday.

Place: Village center Küssnacht am Rigi

Participants: Over 1’500 men

Duration: Until the morning hours


Geisselchlepfer courses 2021

Fuehrer’s hostage (Chrützlistreich)
Course for beginners and advanced (boys and adults)
Course dates: Oct. 18 / 25 / 08 / 15 / 22 / 29 Nov.
Course location: Schwinghalle Ebnet
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Chrüzlistreiche are available, no own are necessary!
Direction and information: Beat Notz 041 850 40 59

Sheep scissors
Course for beginners and advanced (boys and adults)
Course dates: 08. and 15. Nov.
Course location: Pausenplatz Ebnet
Time: 19:00 – 20:00
Direction Moritz Räber

Both courses are free of charge and no registration is required.

General Assembly 2021 will take place


The current pandemic situation allows the St. Niklausengesellschaft Küssnacht to duly hold the General Assembly in compliance with the COVID-19 regulation. This year’s ordinary General Meeting will therefore be held on Friday, November 26, 2021, at 8:15 p.m. as an attendance meeting in the Monséjour.

Due to legal requirements, admission to the meeting requires the presentation of a valid Covid certificate (vaccinated, tested, recovered). The board asks all participating Klausjäger to have an official ID (ID, passport, etc.) ready in addition to the personal digital or printed certificate. The certificate check will take place at the entrance area. Club members are politely reminded that there is no possibility of testing on site.

As in the previous year, the Znünibon will be sent out together with the personal membership invoice. If necessary, any adjustments or additions to the schedule of the General Assembly will be published promptly in the press and on this homepage.


St. Nicholas Society Küssnacht am Rigi

The Board of Directors

AGM 2020

The book Zum Küssnachter Klausjagen …

The book “Küssnachter Klausjagen” of the St. Niklausengesellschaft Küssnacht am Rigi is available for Fr. 40.00. An ideal gift.

  • Angie’s Tabakshop in Oberdorf 25, Küssnacht – 041 850 38 46
  • Coiffure Röösli, Chlausjägergasse 5, Küssnacht – 041 580 12 26
  • Rösy Sidler, Oberdorf 22, Küssnacht – 041 850 21 62
  • Office partner B&K, Bahnhofstrasse 32, Küssnacht – 041 850 55 25
  • Papeterie Trychlepark, Bahnhofstrasse 12, Küssnacht – 041 850 39 58
  • Mailing (additional shipping costs Fr. 10.00) by Fechtsport Räber GmbH,
    041 210 22 40, Mail: info@fechtshop.ch