Santa Claus

Santa Claus and his Schmutzli

When the days become shorter and the November wind blows through the streets, many children ask themselves: “Will Santa Claus visit us again this year? And when his footsteps can be heard at the front door and the little bell of the Schmutzli rings, one or the other child’s heart will probably beat faster.

But even I, the old Santa Claus, am always excited and joyfully curious about what awaits me at each of the children’s houses, despite the many years of family visits. No two visits are the same! And sometimes it’s not the first encounter and it feels like visiting friends.

Either way, I enjoy listening to the children, praising their many good virtues, talking to them about improvements and giving them tips, laughing together about something or telling them a little story. Together with the Schmutzli I am happy about their poems, drawings or self-made things and with pleasure we hand over the Chlaussäckli to them at the end. And when all of our eyes light up, we know: “That was an unforgettable encounter!”

Mier Gönd De Samichlaus Im Wald Go Abhole

Before Santa Claus is on his way in the village, the children can pick up Santa Claus with his Schmutzli and the little donkey in the forest.

Date: Saturday, November 27, 2021
Location: At the Samichlaus hut in the Haltiker forest
Time: 16.00 at the Samichlaus hut (subject to change)
Parking spaces: At the restaurant Säge in Haltikon
How: You can easily reach the Samichlaus hut on a marked path in 15 minutes. There the children can experience the last preparations for the time of Santa Claus. Afterwards, they accompany Santa Claus with his donkey and muddy dwarf back to the Restaurant Säge.
Return: approx. 17.00

Family visits

Last year we, Samichlaus and Schmutzli, were able to experience many wonderful encounters in Hohle Gasse. Being a host is something beautiful and the many great feedbacks showed that this form of Santa Claus visit was also very appreciated.

For this reason, we Chlaus groups have decided to offer, in addition to the actual family visits at home, the visit to Santa Claus in the Hohle Gasse again next year. If needed, each group will again receive families there during two evenings:

Sat/Sun    27/28 November                                           Chlausgruppe Betschart

Mon/Thu   29/30 November                                          Chlausgruppe Schmid

Wed/Thu   1/2 December                                               Chlausgruppe Hurschler


Santa Claus visits in general will take place from Saturday, November 27 to Monday, December 6, 2021. More detailed information can be found in the press at the appropriate time.


For Santa Claus visits to families, each village has its own tradition and organization. In Küssnacht am Rigi the Samichlaus groups are independent. There is no tariff list. Without commercial intentions, the beautiful tradition should be maintained in a dignified way and the children should be prepared for Christmas.

Nevertheless, the Samichlaus groups gratefully accept a voluntary donation to cover the running costs. This amount is always given to a Schmutzli directly after the visit or is enclosed in an envelope with the list of virtues.

De Samichlaus

Santa Claus, Santa Claus,
that’s the sound from house to house.
Even the smallest child’s heart is beating so fast
And looks out for the fayre.
Now it’s poldering through the pigeon-holes,
What’s really on his mind?
He’s carrying a sack so heavy and big,
what’s in it?
The sack, he always takes with him
for the children big and small.
He leaves the nuts out of the brown one,
the bad ones he puts inside.

It’s already night and it’s snowing

It’s night already and it’s snowing,
Dear time, greetings,
Santa Claus is now wearing his coat,
And then he closes his house.
He takes the sleigh out of the barn,
he quickly tightens the donkey,
and loads up the sled and the sledges,
which he must have for the children.
Hush, Trämpeli, you know it’s time,
the way to town is still far.
We have a lot to do this evening,
Hey, Trämpeli, run along nicely.
How thick and heavy are the sacks,
Who’s really going to get the rue over, who?
Santa knows everything very well,
So, children, please, follow me.

What Is It Sab For It Love?

What is it to love?
What is it for a ski?
The Santa Claus with the lanterns
is running through the forest.
His donkey, he’s glazed,
He’s running, J-a, J-a!
Now I’m going to the city
To the city for once!
In the sack, there are lots of nuts,
and cinnamon sausages..,
I’d carry them if they were a hundredweight,
I’d love to carry them for the kids!
But the tusig ruete,
I have on the line
that my good master needs,
not even for me.
I like to follow him to the letter,
and run as far as I can,
the dear children in the town,
must have something too!

(Poems from: Aloys von Euw, Samichlaus-Gedichtli, Rex-Verlag, Lucerne)